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2024 Solar Eclipse in Arkansas - Explore the Eclipse Experience

Get on a celestial adventure at our Eclipse Event Center, where the 2024 total solar eclipse unfolds in a unique setting. However, engage in camping, educational programs, and optimal viewing areas, offering a structured and immersive experience. While specifics for individual 2024 event centers are pending. Although our Eclipse Event Center promises a memorable encounter with this extraordinary phenomenon


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The Wilson Family Farm is a family-owned 80-acre tract of land. We are located in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Clinton, Arkansas eclipse 2024. Our farm is in eclipse’s direct eclipse center, with wide open spaces for viewing, camping, and family adventures. Our campers will have a front-row seat to the Eclipse “Center of Totality.” Therefore, that will be on April 8,2024, at approximately 1:53pm Central Daylight Time with a total eclipse time of 4 minutes and 14.9 seco

Wilson Family Farm

Nestled in Clinton, Arkansas, the Wilson Family Farm stands ready to host your eclipse adventure. However, our offering campsites for the 2024 eclipse, our farm promises a blend of natural charm and celestial wonder. While specific details on availability and services can be obtained by contacting us directly, our farm is your gateway to an unforgettable eclipse experience with RV camping in Arkansas. So, let’s plan ahead, book early, and join us on this cosmic journey.


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For those seeking a more intimate encounter with nature, our Primitive Campsites provide a raw and unfiltered experience. Embrace minimal facilities and reconnect with the great outdoors. However, these sites cater to individuals looking for a back-to-basics camping experience amidst the natural beauty surrounding the 2024 Eclipse Path.

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The path of totality in Arkansas runs through several counties, including Clark, Cleveland, Conway, Desha, Drew, Faulkner, Garland, Grant, Hot Spring, Jefferson, Lincoln, Logan, Lonoke, Montgomery, Pope, Pulaski, Saline, Van Buren, White, and Woodruff. Within these counties, numerous locations offer unobstructed views of the eclipse

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Our Farm is in the Center of the direct path of the Eclipse, with wide open spaces for viewing, camping, and family adventures .  Our campers will have a front row seat to the Eclipse, “Center of Totality”, which will be on April 8,2024 at approximately 1:53pm Central Daylight Time with a total eclipse time of 4 minutes and 14.9 seconds.